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The Currency Root project was created by Randolf Richardson 張文道 with the aim of satisfying peoples' interests and curiosities in a fundamental overview of worldwide currency markets by providing basic yet key (and helpful) information about both national and cryptographic currencies.  The primary purpose of the Currency Root is to provide a publicly-accessible and impartial list of all national and cryptographic currencies without endorsing any one currency in particular.

One of the challenges that Mr. Richardson encountered over the years while researching the various national and cryptographic currencies is the absence of an all-encompassing list of currencies.  While the excellent ISO 4217 standard is helpful for providing information about national currencies, their compilation of symbols and codes, source countries, etc., is incomplete because it does not recognize cryptographic currencies and also lacks certain additional data about the national currencies in its database (e.g., links to internet web sites that provide further detail).  The aim of the Currency Root is to resolve this challenge by making the information available to the general public in a variety of formats.

As new currencies join the international marketplace, particularly cryptographic currencies for which there has been tremendous activity since the invention and open implementation of blockchain technology, our goal is one of inclusion of all functioning currencies in the Currency Root (please contact us if you know of any that should be included) with zero regard for borders, politics, or monetary values, hence this list is intended to be straight-forward and impartial.

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