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This section of the Currency Root Library is presently being developed.  Although the entirety of this section's resources is contained on a single web page, eventually we will organize the information into sub-categories as the need arises.  Please follow this link to access the other sections.

Age of ChainsAge of Chains - Decentralizing our Galaxy
Blockchain Trading Card video game featuring a Decentralized Galaxy in an intergalactic clash of cultures, billions of years in the future.  Players choose whether to defend the decentralized Milky Way or to join the corrupt Andromeda Empire in an encounter that will test their imaginations where they use their skills to build powerful decks of cards and outplay their opponents in epic one-on-one player-versus-player battles.

irc.freenode.net##altcoinsAntarctica Overseas Exchange Office - Bank of Antarctica
The Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office produces high quality collector's items in the appearance of a national money for Antarctica and other regions of the planet.  Their bills are not legal tender money of Antarctica or anywhere else, but they are interested in being your printer of choice for special pseudo banknote projects of your own.
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