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Articles and Research that is related to currencies, cryptography, and related topics are collected here with the intention of being a helpful resource for scholars and academics.

Cypherpunk Research Project
The Cypherpunk Research Project is a high-quality compilation of information about Cypherpunks, Cypherpunk ideals, the history of the movement, and the people/events of note therein.  One particular intention of the organizers of this project is to write a series of articles, and possibly to also write a book (as their time permits).

The root of all value: a neural common currency for choice by Dino J. Levy and Paul W. Glimcher
How do humans make choices between different types of rewards?  Economists have long argued on theoretical grounds that humans typically make these choices as if the values of the options they consider have been mapped to a single common scale for comparison.  Neuroimaging studies in humans have recently begun to suggest the existence of a small group of specific brain sites that appear to encode the subjective values of different types of rewards on a neural common scale, almost exactly as predicted by theory. ...

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