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Please note that at this time there is practically no content in the Currency Root Library as this is a new internet site and our present priority is in collecting and classifying information about the various national and cryptographic currencies that exist throughout the world.  We expect to have a reasonable amount of helpful content by the year 2018, and will add to this as our time and resources permit -- thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

For your convenience, the Currency Root Library is organized into the following general categories:

= Glossary = = Links = = Community =
Pertinent terminology used primarily in the fields of finance and digital currency. Links and resources for a wide array topics, including privacy and the protection of data. Find communities of currency enthusiasts, researchers, traders, and investors.
= Books = = References =
Relevant books about finance and digital currency, and related topics.
If you would like to contribute to the Currency Root Library, please contact us.
Academic references cited throughout this web site are collected here.
= Law = = Challenges = = Articles =
Laws concerning currency, money laundering, and cryptography (incl. cryptographic currencies). Hypothetical scenarios that may help test your understanding of currencies. Articles and Research from various sources that present additional perspective.
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